The Green Line Regulation

The Green Line Regulation

Trade between the TRNC and Southern Cyprus is subject to the “Green Line Regulation”. The European Council adopted the regulation on the movement of goods, services, and persons between the TRNC territory and Southern Cyprus, also known as the “Green Line Regulation”, on 29 April 2004. The said regulation was amended on 17 February 2005.

Under the Green Line Regulation, the sale of products produced in Northern Cyprus to Southern Cyprus is possible with the Accompanying Document issued by the Cyprus Turkish Chamber of Commerce. These products are not subject to any customs duties or obligations with equivalent effect.

For the products in question to receive an Accompaniment Certificate;

  1. They must be grown entirely in Northern Cyprus (such as all kinds of vegetables, fruits, stones, mines, etc.) or
  2. If the raw material comes from abroad, a new product must be produced in Northern Cyprus with sufficient contribution.

The origin determination rules mentioned above are general rules. There are exceptional criteria to be applied in determining the origin of some products, especially textile products. The following applications to imported raw materials are not sufficient to obtain an accompanying certificate;

  • Applications for product protection during transportation or storage. (ventilation, separation, drying, separation of damaged products, etc.)
  • Simple operations such as dusting, sifting, washing, cutting, arranging, matching and combining,
  • Repackaging, disassembly, packaging, branding, labeling, and placing such reagents on products or packages,
  • Combining imported parts separately to form a new product,
  • Carrying out one or more of these applications.

Even if they comply with these rules, the exceptional products that cannot be sold to Southern Cyprus within the scope of the Green Line Regulation are as follows;

  • Live animals and animal products (except fish), dairy products
  • Peanuts, hazelnuts, and products containing them from Turkey or originating in Turkey
  • Live plants sent for planting.

Within the scope of the Green Line Regulation, in addition to the sale of ‘commercial goods’ within the framework of the above conditions, the following items may be temporarily transferred to Southern Cyprus, under the Regulation amendment made on 18 June 2008;

  • Personal belongings and sports equipment reasonably necessary for the travel of persons crossing the Line,
  • Means of transport,
  • Professional equipment,
  • Items to be passed for repair,
  • Goods for display (to be used in organizations such as exhibitions, fairs).

Within the scope of the purpose to be declared in transit, the above-stated goods can stay in Southern Cyprus for a maximum of 6 (six) months.

The most up-to-date information on the Green Line Regulation is available on the Cyprus Turkish Chamber of Commerce website (